Radiation Protection Aprons

Our range of aprons is designed to provide comfort and protection to technicians, doctors, and surgeons who need to wear protective apparel for long or short periods of time.
Our apparel is made with proprietary materials designed to meet varying needs and applications. Our lightweight, lead-free, and leaded range of materials are Ultralite, Zerolead, Leadlite and Hygiena.
With our radiation protection apparel, medical professionals and patients are always in safe hands.

Key Benefits:
– Maximum protection against scattered radiation, a hey health consideration.
– Protection for the upper body & the sensitive thyroid gland at the lead equivalence of 0.5 mm Pb.
– Back protection required for use in CT Scans & Cath Labs at a lead equivalence of 0.25 mm Pb.
– Solutions for the varying needs of X-Ray technicians, medical professionals & patients.
– Your choice of material, colours, size & embroidered designs.

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