CT Protection Shield Technical Information

Committed to fulfilling all radiation protection needs, we offer a range of radiation protection shields for localized protection during CT procedures.

These CT radiation protection shields are composed of a proprietary mix of several lead-free elements, which help prevent cancer risks and radiation damage to the sensitive tissues of the breast, thyroid, and eyes.

  • All shields are disposable, one-time-use shields to prevent bacterial and biological contamination.
  • The shields can be disposed of in an eco-friendly manner.
  • Each shield coming out of a state-of-the-art radiation testing facility is rigorously examined for texture, thickness, and fault-free protection.

Radiation Dose During CT Scan:

Radiation Level

Radiation Dose Reduction

Eye Shield Thyroid Shield Breast Shield Paediatric Shield
120 kV 70% 65% 67% 67%


Product Specifications:

Colour: Khaki
Material: Natural Latex
Protective Material: Lead Free
Azo Dyes: None
Storage: Cool, Dry Place


Quality Parameters:

Physical Properties: 100%
Visual inspection for major and minor defects: 100%
Attenuation/Lead equivalence as per EN 1331-1: N=5