Radiology Supplies

Patient Radiation Half Aprons – Adult & child

Patient Radiation Half aprons – (Adult & Child ):

Lead equivalence: 0.35 mm Pb 0.50 mm Pb 1.00 mm Pb.

A colorful range of aprons for patients of all sizes.
Complete lower body protection.
Universal-use as gonad and ovarian shields.
Designed for ease of wearing.
Adjustable back strap for snug fit.
Vibrant colors to cheer any patient.

Length (cm) Width (cm) Recommended Size
30 30 Small
40 40 Medium
50 50 Large

Radiation Aprons for Children:

Getting an X-ray is comfortable and friendly even for children with just a little bit of help from us. Our children’s range of aprons feature colorful prints, lightweight materials, and ergonomic designs in various child sizes.

Age Length (cm) Width (cm)
3 –  5 years 40 60
6 –  8 years 45 70
9 – 12 years 50 80