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Behind a good X-ray are cassettes and screens that deliver sharp images and capture the maximum diagnostic information. As global leaders in image enhancement accessories, Our cassettes and screens deliver quality that has left behind every other competitor around the world. Used together, our cassettes and screens provide an unbeatable value proposition. Features: -Perfect film-screen contact with nitrogen-imploded open cell P.U. foam system and a perfectly curved back door profile and textured surface. -Outstanding durability with aviation-grade aluminum and an age-defying protective layer. Our cassette framework is made strategically strong to avoid damage from repeated handling at a busy X-ray facility. -Lightweight but with strong corners, locks, and hinges made from the virtually indestructible German Desmopan polymer and engineering plastics. -Superb image clarity with outstanding product design and precision manufacturing techniques. -Minimum patient dose with optimally balanced formulations. -Screens compatible with all conventional films available in the market. -All our cassettes comply with the council directive 93 / 42 / EEC and follow CE 4090 guidelines.

Med Mac Services have been supplying the radiology industry since 1995 with world-class products that have been manufactured locally by us.

Collective experience of 30 years plus in the industry of radiology supplying and servicing, has propelled Med Mac in developing a vast range of equipment and accessories.

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