Quality control is serious business at Med Mac Services.

Our robust quality management system ensures a stringent testing protocol for incoming raw material and at each production stage for every grid manufactured by us. Statistical Process Control and a rigorous final product testing regimen post manufacture result in defect-free grids with optimal performance.

K Factor is a key performance parameter that measures how efficiently a grid absorbs scattered radiation. With a superior K factor, Our grids result in three to four times better contrast.

B Factor or the Bucky Factor is the quantity of additional X-ray intensity needed with the use of a grid. The lower the B Factor, the higher the quality. Our grids employ high quality septa and interspacer coupled with precision assembly, resulting in a low B factor.

Primary Transmission is the ratio of the K Factor to the B Factor (K:B). Our grids are designed to allow a transmission of up to 80% of primary rays.

SNR is the Signal to Noise ratio. Scatter rays generated are several times that of the primary radiation. Our grids employ a delicate balance of lead thickness and interspacer to block maximum scatter leading to a higher SNR.

Our grids meet and exceed the specifications laid down by IEC 60627. Our grids are CE certified.

Med Mac Services have been supplying the radiology industry since 1995 with world-class products that have been manufactured locally by us.

Collective experience of 30 years plus in the industry of radiology supplying and servicing, has propelled Med Mac in developing a vast range of equipment and accessories.

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