Quality Parameters

Quality control is serious business at Med Mac Services.


Our robust quality management system ensures a stringent testing protocol for incoming raw material and at each production stage for every grid manufactured by us. Statistical Process Control and a rigorous final product testing regimen post manufacture result in defect-free grids with optimal performance.


K Factor is a key performance parameter that measures how efficiently a grid absorbs scattered radiation. With a superior K factor, Our grids result in three to four times better contrast.


B Factor or the Bucky Factor is the quantity of additional X-ray intensity needed with the use of a grid. The lower the B Factor, the higher the quality. Our grids employ high quality septa and interspacer coupled with precision assembly, resulting in a low B factor.


Primary Transmission is the ratio of the K Factor to the B Factor (K:B). Our grids are designed to allow a transmission of up to 80% of primary rays.


SNR is the Signal to Noise ratio. Scatter rays generated are several times that of the primary radiation. Our grids employ a delicate balance of lead thickness and interspacer to block maximum scatter leading to a higher SNR.


Our grids meet and exceed the specifications laid down by IEC 60627. Our grids are CE certified.