With our radiation protection apparel, medical professionals and patients are always in safe hands.

Key Benefits:
– Maximum protection against scattered radiation, a hey health consideration.
– Protection for the upper body & the sensitive thyroid gland at the lead equivalence of 0.5 mm Pb.
– Back protection required for use in CT Scans & Cath Labs at a lead equivalence of 0.25 mm Pb.
– Solutions for the varying needs of X-Ray technicians, medical professionals & patients.
– Your choice of material, colours, size & embroidered designs.


Premium lite weight lead sheeting
The lightest protective sheeting yet! The most popular sheeting, Ultralite replaces a large part of lead with a combination of tungsten, bismuth, and antimony. It provides the same protection as leaded sheeting but at a significantly lower weight.
Ultralite is ideal for cath labs and intensive surgeries requiring protection apparel to be worn for long periods of time.


An eco-friendly technological breakthrough
Apparel that replaces lead with a combination of tungsten, bismuth, and antimony. This sheeting provides the same protection as leaded sheeting and is also significantly lighter. This innovative sheeting has been extensively documented in European and American scientific journals.


The Industry Standard redefined
The lightest leaded material in the world. This breakthrough in weight optimization is a result of the purest and finest lead particles used together with mineral oils and minimum bonding materials replacing artificial plasticizers. The special formulation ensures that the material remains supple for several years and is resistant to humidity.


The ultimate Health fabric
The ultimate health fabric. This apparel has a longer shelf life thanks to our proprietary Hygiena covering material that prevents fading and wrinkles. Hygiena is a health fabric that is resistant to blood stains and is both water and stain resistant. It is carefully crafted in Italy and completely breathable.

Med Mac Services have been supplying the radiology industry since 1995 with world-class products that have been manufactured locally by us.

Collective experience of 30 years plus in the industry of radiology supplying and servicing, has propelled Med Mac in developing a vast range of equipment and accessories.

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