Intensifying Screens

Our screens, compatible with all conventional films, are designed to improve the overall quality of the X-ray image. Each screen provides outstanding contrast, detail perception, and reduction in X-ray dosage with a low tube voltage.

A comprehensive range of screens is also available as screens alone, as replacement screens.

Rare Earth Green Screens

Rare Earth Green Screens use terbium-activated Gadolinium Oxysulfide phosphor for increased efficiency.

Green 400 Speed Class 400 The industry standard-high intensification and excellent detail perceptibility.
Green 800 Speed Class 800 Maximum speed for lowest dosage.

Rare Earth Blue Screens

Rare Earth Blue Screens use state-of-the-art Rare Earth phosphors that filter unwanted scattered radiation, enabling extra sharpness, minimum dosage, and reduction in quantum noise. This leads to a phenomenal improvement in the X-ray tube’s life span.

Blue 400 Speed Class 400 The industry standard-high intensification and excellent detail perceptibility
Blue 800 Speed Class 800 Maximum intensification with the lowest dosageUsing it with half speed X-ray film will reduce the system speed to 400

Calcium Tungstate Screens

Kiran Calcium Tungstate Screens use high-quality phosphor possessing exceptional luminescence, resulting in an optimum combination of speed and resolution with minimum mottle.

Hi Plus Speed Class 200 For high resolution and ultra-high speed. Ideal for a wide range of applications.

Med Mac Services have been supplying the radiology industry since 1995 with world-class products that have been manufactured locally by us.

Collective experience of 30 years plus in the industry of radiology supplying and servicing, has propelled Med Mac in developing a vast range of equipment and accessories.

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