Anti-Scatter Grids

Our grids aim at helping medical professionals make accurate diagnoses, by dramatically improving image contrast. This is achieved by absorbing scattered rays while maintaining the optimum transmission of primary radiation.

  • Superior contrast: Our anti-scatter grids are manufactured using lead of the highest purity, optimized for thickness and rolled in Europe using cutting-edge technology.
  • Quality ingredients: Our grids employ lead and aluminum of the highest possible purity, perfectly rolled, and sourced from industry leaders in Europe. This enables the generation of an image with contrast so high, you can see the difference with your naked eye.
  • Optimum Lead Thickness: Our grids are designed with optimized lead thickness, which results in high primary radiation transparency with the required amount of scatter absorption.


Types Standard Grids
Digital Grids
Bucky Grids
Circular Grids
Dimensions Various dimensions covering every size, shape, and profile.We also offer custom dimensions.
Types 60 lpi (24 l/cm)
85 lpi (34 l/cm)
103 lpi (40 l/cm)
150/52 lpi (60 l/cm)
178 lpi (70 l/cm)
200/210 lpi (80 l/cm)
Focal Distance 20 inches (50 cm) to 120 inches (300 cm)Infinity with parallel grids also available.
Grid Ratio 6:1 to 15:1
Applications Bucky conventional film use
Image intensifiers
Digital systems

Med Mac Services have been supplying the radiology industry since 1995 with world-class products that have been manufactured locally by us.

Collective experience of 30 years plus in the industry of radiology supplying and servicing, has propelled Med Mac in developing a vast range of equipment and accessories.

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