Radiology Supplies

Single Sided Radiation Apron

Lead equivalence: 0.25 mm Pb, 0.35 mm Pb, 0.50 mm Pb.

Complete frontal protection.
Padded shoulders for reduced shoulder stress and equitable distribution of weight.
Wide stretchable insert with Velcro fastening for a snug fit.
Also available with snap lock instead of Velcro.
Easy to wear and remove.

Size Chart:
Select a size from the chart. Then choose the length, depending on the wearer’s height.

Step 1: Select Size

For Girth Up To… (cm) Recommended Size
99 Small
100-115 Medium
116-130 Large
131-145 Extra Large

Step 2: Select Length

For Height Up To… (cm) Recommended Length (cm)
145-155 90
156-165 100
166-175 110
176-185 120
186-195 130

Can’t find your size?
View the Custom Sizing page for measurements of the chest, waist, hips, length, and girth.